How and when to place an order?

It is best to contact us before the event to reserve a place in our freeze-drier for the preservation of your flowers. Space is limited so it is best to plan early. You can make your display decision before or you can make an appointment after the wedding.
A contract can be completed in person or it can be emailed to you. A $100 non-refundable deposit is required before or at the time the flowers are delivered to us and is applied to your final order.
If you are a customer with memorial flowers, please call us as soon as possible to arrange for our services.

How soon do you need the flowers?

The sooner we receive your flowers the better. Bouquets should be kept as cool as possible after the wedding, but not frozen. Arrangements should be made in advance as to the time the flowers will be dropped off.

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Do flowers change color and can all flowers be preserved?

The age and the condition of the flowers at the time we receive them plays a role in how well they preserve. The freeze-drying process will produce a slight color change, white flowers will become creamy and red flowers will be a little darker. If a few flowers become damaged during the wedding, and if required, we will replace up to three flowers at no additional charge. Daisies and Bouvardia are not recommended for preservations. Most other flowers preserve well.

How much does preservation cost?

The cost is based on the type and size of the display that you select. The price includes the pre-treating, freezing, freeze-drying, post-treating, display, standard mat, design work and sealing the display. We offer a wide range of display options with varying sizes and styles. There is a $300 minimum for bridal bouquet preservation. We have many options to choose from- shadowboxes, tabletop displays, resin displays and jewelry. There are several choices under $500 plus sales tax and also can go higher based on the frame and size of display choosen. At the time of delivery, it will be ready to display and cherish for years to come. Photos, invitations, announcements or other mementos can be incorporated to truly make your keepsake something to cherish for a lifetime. Mementos are included at no charge. The boutinerre, if desired, will be preserved at no charge. Engraved name plates are available for an additional charge.
At the time the display choice is made, half of the remainder of the total is due. When the display is picked up, the balance is due. Personal checks, cash, MasterCard, Visa, Discover, American express, Zelle and Venmo are accepted.

Do preserved flowers require any special care?

Yes, just a few simple precautions will help your flowers retain their beauty. Do not spray glass cleaner on the acrylic domes or panes. Use a cleaner made especially for acrylic. For glass displays, spray the cleaner on a clean cloth and then wipe the area to remove dust, finger prints etc. Never display your flowers in direct sun light or by a heat source. This includes spotlights, lamps and heating vents. Do not display in a humid area, such as a bathroom. Of course rough handling of displays or touching preserved flowers in any way can damage some or all of the flowers.

How long will freeze-dried preserved flowers last?

Freeze-dried flowers offer an outstanding floral preservation improvement over air-dried flowers or other methods of preservation that result in wrinkled and shriveled flowers. Flowers not preserved with freeze-drying. become brown or black, with only traces of the original color. They often fall apart in 6 to 12 months. Freeze-dried flowers last indefinitely if handled properly. It also depends on the age of the flowers at the time of preservation, the amount of sunlight, heat, and humidity and how the display is maintained. As a general rule, unless the display is dropped or mishandled the shape and arrangement of the flowers will remain the same as when you received it. Freeze-dried flowers often become slightly darker than the natural floral color and will soften with time.